AstroEdify is an astrology platform started by me in 2014 & since then I have published more than 250 detailed video lessons both in Hindi & English. I also use my Facebook page to spread astrological knowledge in form of short articles. For many years before setting up AstroEdify I was and still am an avid learner of Vedic Astrology. I have learnt jyotish by reading innumerable jyotish texts; classical as well as modern; to name a few like Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Brihat jataka, Saravali, Sh.BV Raman, Sh.KN Rao, Sh.VP Goel, and many more. My experience of analyzing many horoscopes has also helped me in knowing about jyotish in great detail.

I have made this platform to propagate the true knowledge of Jyotish with which actually now a days many people are not familiar with. There are a lot of fake astrologers in the market who are maligning the name and image of jyotish in people’s eyes because they don’t know anything about jyotish and with superficial knowledge they are using this pure super-science to loot the general public.

My aim is to rebuild people’s faith in jyotish and make them aware about true jyotish and its deep concepts so that people themselves become capable to see their own charts and analyze and they don’t require any astrologer for their chart reading and even if they do then they will be capable enough to recognize that the astrologer with whom they are consulting knows anything or not.

Here you are going to learn about true jyotish, written by our great sages, in deep detail in the most logical manner possible so that you can relate it with practicality and ultimately understand that jyotish is not a pseudo-science but a super-science which our current so called advance technology is yet unable to decode and understand.

You can check my YouTube channels (English & Hindi), Blogs, Facebook and Twitter page for learning jyotish.